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Most of the logos on this website can be changed to a glitter logo for some added sparkle! Glitter is so fun, washes and wears well, and can be applied to any sweatshirt, 100% Polyester tee, or Cotton/Poly blend tee. I don't love glitter on cotton t-shirts only because sometimes cotton can shrink just a tad in the wash and the glitter doesn't shrink with it, so depending on the fabric it can come out a little wavy after a wash. Sweatshirts or tees with at least 50% polyester will work perfectly with a little sparkle!


Examples of logos that can be changed to glitter are these one color logos:


1) A NW Wolf head - white, blue, dark grey, or black

2) A NW logo - blue, white, dark grey, or black

3) A W for Waukee HS - purple, white, gold, dark grey, or black

4) A W with WAUKEE across the chest - purple, white, gold, dark grey, or black

5) Any softball or basketball logo (Waukee Warriors & NW Wolves are available at this time)

6) A DCG logo - white or black

7) A VSA logo - white or black


How to get glitter? Add the piece(s) that you like to your cart, then click on this option, choose your glitter color, fill out the details in the comment box and then simply add this option to your cart! Time to check out!


Should you have any questions at all about if your logo can become sparkle, just send me a message and let me know what you are thinking! You can either message me through this site or email me at It would help if you could provide a screenshot of the image you are looking at. 

I want glitter!

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